Montezuma Youth Alliance here; we’d love to introduce ourselves and our Mission and Vision Statement:

Mentoring youth through community service, art and nature

We are excited to announce that we just had our first successful Reading
Buddies Programming Day! Through this program we are supporting high
school students in gaining required community service hours, while getting
more reading time for those smaller pre-school and elementary school youth
who want more books and story time throughout the summer.

Mentoring can have a wealth of positive impacts and increase protective
factors many of the stressors that Montezuma County youth experience every
day. Keeping this in mind, we are looking to create community service projects
for youth of all ages; because we believe that community service has the
unique ability to create opportunities for empowerment as well as building
pride and community cohesion. Have a community service idea we could
assist with? Please get in touch with us! (970) 715-109

Including our Reading Buddies program, we plan to serve youth from ages
4-17, and are designing other programming for youth between the ages of
9-12 who are not quite in the age groups to participate in the Reading Buddies
Program. Programming will center around reading with a Teen Reader, or
being involved in planned art activities, nature immersion, or group community
service opportunities.

We are orienting our programming around social justice, equity building and
community service. We strive to encourage youth in building agency,
empowerment and belonging through various methods of supported
relationship building.

Please get in touch with us if you are passionate about supporting youth in Montezuma County!
You can find us on Facebook and Instagram Pages.

Call or text: Jorie McCann (Program Director): (970) 715-1095
Or email us at: MontezumaYouthAlliance@gmail.com

We look forward to hearing from you!